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Automatic Greasing Systems




Here's the concept: Using a centralized grease pump, a reservoir full of lubricant supplies an electric grease pump which moves grease to a primary distribution block. The grease is then pumped to secondary distribution valves which meter it to specific lubrication points. The auto greasing pump delivers the precise amount of clean lubricant in metered intervals exactly when required.


Centralized lubrication systems are designed to provide grease for lubricating friction points on industrial and mobile machinery. Such systems considerably reduce the cost of maintaining machinery on which they are installed, eliminating machinery downtime caused by poor lubrication as well as prolonging the life of the machinery in general. Additionally, a centralized lubrication system allows difficult to reach lubrication points to be lubricated at frequent intervals that would otherwise be hard to access under normal conditions.



DropsA Bravo Electric Grease Pump 

BRAVO is an electric piston pump with the pumping element operated from a camshaft connected to a reducing gearbox. It can be fitting with up to 3 pumping elements (1 standard) which are available with or without an integrate pre-set bypass (pressure safety valve). The Bravo also has a modular build reservoir that can be supplied in 2, 5, 8-litre capacity. Additionally, a minimum level sensing device is fitted as standard at the base of the unit. As an optional accessory, a remote button with light is available. Bravo is available as both with an integrated automatic control board that controls and monitors the pump and lubrication cycle or a manual version where the pump motor is controlled externally by applying and removing power. The main body of the pump is made from high-performance robust plastic and is compact in size designed to withstand tough environments. The grease version of the Bravo includes a stirrer device with a reservoir wiper that helps to eliminate air present in the grease and facilitate pumping even at lower temperatures.

nPR+ Nano Progressive Replaceable Divider Blocks

DropsA’s nano-Progressive Replaceable (nPR+) dividers are the ideal solution for grease lubrication applications that require a small and accurately dispensed quantity of lubricant in a compact and solid footprint.  Thanks to a patented RigidLock novel interlocking mechanism between the elementsit has the rigidity of a mono-block divider but the flexibility of a modular segmented unit.
nPR+ uses the progressive movement of pistons to allow precise quantities of lubricant to be accurately dispensed to multiple points.
The lubrication cycle can be controlled by a single sensor including the 
DropsA solid state Ultrasensor product.
nPR+ uses an innovative rail & lock concept to allow the element to be replaced or 
without the need to completely dismantle the assembly. This is an industry first for segmented progressive dividers allowing quick easy modification or replacement of an assembly element without the cost of a separate base porting module.
The compactness makes them particularly suitable for use in confined spaces.
These metering elements may be used in a variety of system configurations and have different working configurations that make them flexible for use in multiple applications. 

Tubing and Fittings to Grease Points

Automatic Lube Systems, Inc takes into consideration your specific application, the way that your equipment moves, and the operating conditions that your machine will see to design a system and custom installation for longevity and durability. 

A lot of companies out there can sell you auto lube, but not everyone can install it and back it up the way we do. Every run of tubing and each stud placement is carefully thought out. Each individual grease point is designed to get the precise amount of grease through metered valves at the nPR+ distribution blocks. 

Custom Guarding and System Protection

Automatic Lube Systems, Inc uses the best techniques in the business to safeguard our systems. Yes, we use spiral wrap and snakeskin to protect our feed and to-point lines but we also custom fabricate steel guarding when necessary for long system life. 

Our goal is to protect our system from any harm. However, should you have an operator damage the system, we make it relativity quick and simple to restore. 



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