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Arbitrary amount of grease applied leads to over or under greasing.

Eliminate human error. Eliminate the lubricant feast and famine. Different bearing types/sizes require different amounts of grease. Too much grease can increase temperatures while too little grease can lead to premature component wear, both leading to component failure and downtime costs.

Results and productivity are key drivers in today’s world. The medial tasks often get overlooked when deadlines approach fast.

Grease attracts dirt. Every time a grease gun is coupled, dirt, rocks, sand and chemical contaminants will be pushed into the bearing. Those contaminants act as an abrasive and will eventually lead to premature bearing failure.

Production demands  get ahead of proper lubrication. ​

Grease points are dirty and are rarely cleaned prior to manual lubrication.

Safety. Reduce risk.

Greasing in the field has risks. Carrying a grease gun while climbing, or slippery hand rails and surfaces, are just two examples of everyday greasing risks. Keep worker's feet on the ground, reduce the risks of slips, trips, and falls.

Eliminate neglect by operators who may be influenced to not grease because of production, weather, or lack of care for your equipment. Eliminate “the other guy will do it” syndrome.

While human beings don’t always like working in the hot or cold, or rain or snow, our IP69k rated pump will give you the same reliability no matter what the weather happens to be outside of the cab.

Varied Employee concern for proper lubrication.​

Poor Weather Conditions deter employees from proper lubrication.

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