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When it comes to providing the simplest most affordable and efficient lubrication systems, no one does it like DropsA USA. Since 1946, DropsA has been pioneering the way in new lubrication technologies and innovations across every industry. This knowledge has provided our customers with products that maximize machinery's potential while increasing the lifespan of tools, bearings and many other industrial applications.


ATS has a comprehensive line of self-contained automatic lubrication solutions for every application.  Whether it's grease or oil; high-altitude or underwater; single-point or multi-point; food-safe or deep in a mine; ATS has a luber for you. They can fill your units with the lubricant of your choice, you choose the settings for lubrication distribution and trust that our units will function as promised: the best performing and most reliable automatic lubricating equipment on the market. ATS is your source for a wide range of versatile, reliable lube solutions for your industrial lubrication needs.

ATS is a three-generation-family owned and operated business takes pride in delivering the highest quality, best performing lube solutions on the market. All of our products are 100% Made in Canada to ensure that superior craftsmanship and top quality materials go into every product we make. Reliability is part of the package.

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