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We stand by our systems with a 24-month product warranty and a 24-month workmanship warranty.*


DropsA and Automatic Lube Systems, Inc products that are marketed by Automatic Lube Systems, Inc. are warranted to be free of defects in material for 24-months and installation workmanship for a period of 24-months from date of delivery. If a fault develops, notify us giving a complete description of the alleged: malfunction, part number(s), serial number(s), date of delivery, date of installation, operating conditions of subject product(s). We will subsequently review this information and, at our option, supply you with either servicing data or shipping instruction with a returned materials authorization (RMA) which will have instructions on how to prepare the product for return. Upon receipt of subject product to an authorized Automatic Lube Systems, Inc. Sales & Service location, we will then either repair or replace such product(s), at our option, and if determined to be a warranted defect, we will perform such necessary product repairs or replace such product(s) at our expense. Automatic Lube Systems, Inc. reserves to right to charge an administration fee if the product(s) returned are found to be not defective. This limited warranty does not cover any products, damages or injuries resulting from misuse, neglect, normal expected wear, user inflicted damage, chemically caused corrosion, improper installation or operation contrary to our recommendations. Nor does it cover equipment that has been modified, tampered with or altered without authorization. Consumables and perishable products are excluded from this or any other warranty. No other extended liabilities are stated or implied and this warranty in no event covers incidental or consequential damages, injuries or costs resulting from any such defective product(s). The use of Automatic Lube Systems, Inc. product(s) implies the acceptance of our warranty conditions. Modifications to our standard warranty must be in made in writing and approved by Automatic Lube Systems, Inc.


All other products marketed by Automatic Lube Systems, Inc. are warranted to be free of defects in material for 12-months and installation workmanship for a period of 12-months from date of delivery.

*Products, purchases, and installations prior to July 1, 2019, will retain their 18-month product warranty and 18-month workmanship warranty. 

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